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Our Mission:

Rebel View Records & Entertainment is a media group uniquely positioned to present artist, businesses, designers, and philanthropist to the public via radio, print media, internet and television.  Our multi-pronged approach continually presents artists, and everything Rebel View, to the world via music, internet, downloads magazines, radio, and CDs. Our artists are allotted platforms that elevate their brand and marketing value, while remaining relevant to their specific genre of Pop, Country music, Gospel, Reggae, R&B, Hip Hop or Rap music.

Rebel View Records & Entertainment’s outlook is adapted to the changing tides of industry with all the necessary adjustments to the digital plateau. Our vision and operation is one through which our artists can be highly favored within the industry, as it is presently, in addition to exposing them to billions of untapped consumers including Continental Chinese, Indians and Africans eager to access media and entertainment. Rebel View weaves our artists, and all things Rebel View, into the fabric of these untapped spaces via innovative marketing strategies and by culturally showcasing eastern orientations of western artistic paradigms.

We methodically work with artist, helping them to master their crafts, in order to ensure the greatest impacts, locally and globally.  Our unique approach is sculpted around the artist.  We believe artists should not have to conform in order to express their God-given talents.